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“Really enjoying this book! Brings tears to the eyes thinking what these poor souls went through!”

~Emilie Doutt-Harmon, New Kensington, PA


“I read Jeff’s book and thought it was excellent! What a sad story. You have to admire the Rabbi. The writing was excellent!”

~ Linda J. Smith, St. Augustine, FL


“What an amazing story of life and survival! Jeff, thank you for giving me the opportunity of reading your book, you are truly a wonderful writer.”

~ Phil Jacobson, Coconut Creek, FL


“I can sum up my reading of Flight From Fear, the incredible story of Rabbi Cywiak, so wonderfully written by Jeff Swesky, in one sentence:

“It is the spiritual awakening of persons of all faiths.”

~ Debbie Nelson-Leonardy, St. Augustine, FL


Flight From Fear is an amazing book about an amazing man, Rabbi Samuel Cywiak.

“Each of us has asked ourselves that age old question, ‘Why me?’

“In Flight From Fear, Rabbi Cywiak’s life is saved, as if by miracle, from the Nazi death camp. He continues his life as a scholar and teacher performing his own miracles along the way. Now at age 91, this great man answers the question most asked of him … ‘Why him?’

“Flight From Fear is a must read and, thanks to Jeff Swesky’s story-telling style, a book you will read from cover to cover in one sitting.”

~ Dr. Roger J. Geronimo, St. Augustine, FL –


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